What are conveyor bearings?

Conveyor bearings are bearings that are located at the ends of tubes and allow a shaft, pin, or other part to rotate. The bearing, tube and shaft together comprise a conveyor roller. A conveyor roller bearing is a specialized bearing that presses the ends of a conveyor belt roller, allowing the rollers to rotate smoothly. Normally, this conveyor belt moves materials along a food manufacturing or processing production line.

In this context, smooth operation allows for optimal performance and component life. Bearings that are used directly in a conveyor system are sometimes referred to as flanged ball conveyor bearings. They are mounted on a platform or platform and work because a ball mounted inside its own frame will move freely when objects are placed on top of it. Several of these flanged balls will be mounted on the platform to create a surface on which objects can roll or slide.

These conveyor bearings are particularly useful in systems that require items to move in several directions rather than just in a linear fashion. This system is also beneficial in terms of maintenance, since an individual ball can be replaced if it is damaged without having to replace the entire system. Roller bearings are some of the most important components of support and tension rollers on conveyor belts. Some conveyor bearings are mounted inside the rollers or cylinders that form the conveyor system, while others can be mounted inside engine components.

After extensive analysis, NKE has developed single-row deep groove ball bearings, especially for conveyor belt rollers that operate under extreme conditions. Despite relatively high levels of contamination, NKE roller bearings for conveyor belt rollers maintain their function even under heavy loads and without increasing friction torque. Many conveyor systems use sealed conveyor bearings to prevent dirt and other grains from entering the bearing and causing premature wear. When the bearings get stuck, they in turn block the rollers, the conveyor belt is damaged and the risk of fire increases significantly.

The main purposes of the support and tensioning rollers of a conveyor belt are to shape the belt, serve as a support element for the material to be transported, and reduce resistance to movement. To allow conveyor belt rollers to operate under extreme conditions, such as transporting sand or rock for mining, NKE Austria GmbH has developed single-row deep groove ball bearings.